© Dawoodi Bohra Reformist Jamaat of North America

The Dawoodi Bohra Reformist Jamaat of North America (DBRJNA) was established in the year 2000 to represent reformist bohras living in the United States of America. The members of DBRJNA live in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and are an offshoot of the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat of Udaipur, India.

The main goals of the jamaat are:

  • to foster cultural and spiritual exchanges within the reformist Dawoodi Bohra community in North America and abroad
  • to participate actively in charitable activities and promote welfare and peace in the world

The Bohra Youth Association of North America (BYANA) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable corporation registered under the Non Profit Corporation Act of the State of Connecticut. Members are able to route donations to different social, educational and healthcare organizations abroad and receive a tax deduction for the same.

In the past few years members have been able to help reformist institutions in India and provide much needed assistance to many charities abroad. The Medical Relief Society of Udaipur, the Bohra Youth Pubic Schools of Udaipur, the Student Welfare Society, the Alambardar Foundation (provides groceries to widows) and the Gujarat Welfare Society are among the many beneficiaries who have received charitable donations.

Reformists in North America

Get involved, make a difference

Each one of us has the ability and  obligation to give back to the community and society we live in. Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way, but we all must in whichever way we can. We just do not need the money but also your time, commitment and ideas. If you have something to contribute, please get in touch with us. Thank you.